Gain in-depth knowledge on job-ready IT skills from our team of experts with our in-person masterclass sessions.

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A masterclass is a one-time event where an expert teaches a group of students about a particular subject. Masterclasses are often high-quality and brief and may include hands-on learning.

In our bid to bridge the IT skills and job gap in Africa, we have partnered with highly experienced IT specialists within a wide array of industries and launched our very own IT masterclasses in Kigali, Rwanda.

Our in-person masterclass sessions can last from a few hours to a few days and are intensive yet enlightening while empowering you with the basic skills needed to become a qualified IT freelancer. 

Our masterclasses cater to both entry-level and highly experienced IT enthusiasts, providing them with the necessary skills needed to break through or solidify their positions, respectively, within their respective fields.

We may also offer temporary employment opportunities to interested candidates, enabling them to earn while gaining valuable experience within their preferred IT industry.


How to build an online store with Odoo

This masterclass explores how you can build a highly responsive, and secure online store using Odoo E-commerce Builder without an IT background. 

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