Bridging the very wide cybersecurity skills gap in Africa

Offensive Information Security

We conduct proactive cyber operations to identify, exploit, and neutralize potential threats for large corporations and government agencies.

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Integrated Website Development

We offer end-to-end deployment and management of integrated websites with cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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Cybersecurity Training and Certifications

We connect African cybersecurity enthusiasts to professional cybersecurity certifications and trainings.

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Our Future!


Africa's Premier Offensive Information Security Agency

With ethics and excellence as our guiding principles, we stand resolute in our pursuit to create a secure and resilient cyber world for present and future African generations.

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Looking to pursue a very rewarding IT career?

There are over 4 million open job positions in cybersecurity. Explore the cybersecurity trainings and certifications from our partners and gain access to the skills needed to breakthrough into the cybersecurity industry.